Dental Crowns In Gurgaon

The pain and discomfort from a damaged tooth can hamper your daily routine. Be it due to tooth decay, broken tooth, or discoloration, you need suitable solutions to counter such conditions. Dental crowns can prove as an appropriate choice to cover your weak tooth. These caps are an excellent alternative to the traditional filling material. They can cover and protect your teeth without the need for high maintenance. Connect with us to explore the most suitable dental crown type and undergo a successful placement of these all-important caps.

Understanding All About A Dental Crown

As a patient, it is helpful to become aware of products like dental crowns to understand their utility. Knowledge of their application, types and dental crown procedure can prove vital for proper aftercare. Here are the important points about such a practical dental implant solution:

  • Dental crowns are caps that have the shape of a tooth

  • They cover your natural tooth and protect it from external damage

  • Prominent types of such implants are metal crowns, porcelain crowns, gold crowns, stainless steel crowns, and resin crowns

  • Creating a suitable mold for your tooth structure is a crucial step in this procedure

Depending on the requirement, your dentist can suggest a temporary crown or a permanent one. This choice depends on the extent of damage and the purpose of the procedure.

When Do You Need a Dental Crown?

You can require dental crowns for several reasons. Here are some of the well-known causes for the same:

  • There is an old tooth filling that can be broken

  • A natural tooth has become weak

  • There is a need to hold dental bridges in place

  • Your dentist wants to cover a dental implant

  • There are severely discolored teeth

  • Restoration of a broken tooth is essential

At our dental clinic, we evaluate your health condition and understand the requirement for dental crowns. After an in-depth assessment, our experts decide on the use of a temporary or permanent crown.

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The Different Types of Dental Crowns

A dental crown has several sub-categories that depend on the type of material for its construction. Your dentist’s office is the best place to receive guidance on these types. Still, you can explore these categories of dental crowns in most clinics.

Porcelain Crowns

These crowns provide a natural look and have porcelain as the main material. Most dentists use porcelain crowns for restoring front teeth. One of the best aspects of these types is biocompatibility. However, they are not as strong as compared with metal crowns. Still, they are extremely suitable if you have bruxism.

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns

Known as PFM, these crowns are durable and offer both benefits of metal and porcelain materials. They are less expensive, and if you have the habit of teeth clenching, these crowns may not be the best option.

All Ceramic Crowns

These crowns offer the most natural look and are most suited for people who are allergic to metals. On the downside, these crowns can wear out opposite teeth. However, dentists choose this material especially for covering the front teeth.

Gold Crowns

These dental crowns are strong and durable. They are suitable for natural teeth restoration of the back side and have a low wear rate. One of the main issues with these crowns is aesthetics. They do not look like natural teeth and are thus more suitable to cover back molars.

Zirconia Crowns

Made from zirconium, these dental crowns are long-lasting, strong, and biocompatible. With proper use, they can last for a long duration. Another distinct benefit of these crowns is the ease of cutting them into proper shape. Hence, you do not have to wait until the next confirmation from the dental laboratory.


The Process of Placing Permanent or Temporary Crown

Dental crown placement at reputed clinics follows a systematic approach. Similar to procedures like root canal treatment, professional dentists suggest multiple dental visits to install dental crowns safely. At Dental Krafts, we use a methodical approach to offer customized services as per requirement.


Preliminary Inspection

Our experts examine your mouth and the surrounding teeth to understand the requirement of a dental crown. During this assessment, X-ray scans can prove vital to check the extent of decay or misalignment of the tooth. The dentist checks for signs of infection, injury, or a cavity. You might have to undergo a root canal in the dentist’s office before analyzing crown fits and other requirements.


Initial Preparation of the Tooth

After explaining the types of crowns, the dentist begins to prepare the decayed tooth. The tooth will undergo filing on the top and side surfaces. This way, the expert creates space for inserting the dental crown.

The dentist can use local anesthesia to numb your tooth as per requirement. The material removal of the prepared tooth depends on the material of the dental crown. A new crown made from metal requires less space for placement. So, the filing needs to vary as per requirement.


Creating Impression of the Primary Tooth

The dentist prepares an impression of the tooth using material like putty. A digital scanner makes this process easy. This copy of your tooth goes to the dental lab.

The experts manufacture the dental crown after analyzing the impression. This step is crucial to cover the entire tooth and protect the natural enamel. During the waiting period, we offer you a temporary dental crown. You can expect a maximum period of three weeks for the dental crowns to arrive.


Fitment of Crown on the Dental Implant or Tooth

Temporary crowns serve the purpose of protecting your teeth until the availability of permanent ones. However, they need to undergo proper removal to accommodate permanent crowns.

This final step includes the removal and placement of suitable crowns. The new crown is not permanently cemented. First, the dentist will evaluate the fitment and color of the crown to your tooth. If the crown matches your natural tooth color in the case of ceramic and porcelain crowns, the dentist will use local anesthesia before cementing it permanently.

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Post-care Tips for Dental Crowns

At Dental Krafts, we provide all the required guidance related to temporary and permanent crowns. The appointment sessions cover the following main aspects:

  • Pre-procedure discussions

  • Recommendation for temporary restoration

  • Guidance for the details on types of crowns

  • Catering to a cracked tooth

  • The assessment of whether a permanent tooth requires crown placement

  • Choice of appropriate types of dental crown

  • Aftercare tips for proper crown maintenance

As a patient, you need to follow professional instructions for taking proper care of temporary and permanent crowns.


Caring For Temporary Crown

To maintain the proper condition of temporary crowns, our experts suggest the following tips:

  • Use dental floss carefully. You should slide the floss instead of lifting it in between the crown and adjacent teeth

  • Initially, it is better to use opposing teeth for chewing purposes

  • Maintain proper cleaning habits and remove the debris around the temporary crown

  • Hard food items can lead to a loose crown. So, avoid consuming such foods for a few weeks

  • If your temporary crown falls, connect with the dentist without any delay

  • On the contrary, if the crown feels loose, avoid wearing it at night

Be it a zirconia crown or any other type, you need to take care of your temporary caps.


Caring For Permanent Crown

You might choose metal or resin crowns as a suitable solution. However, despite the choice of material, some points are always generic. Here are some aftercare tips that our experts at Dental Krafts suggest for a permanent traditional crown:

  • Do not eat sticky foods for some days

  • Clean the gum line using appropriate techniques

  • Gargle with warm salt water in the first week after the procedure

  • Use fluoride toothpaste at least twice daily

In case you notice a chipped crown, do not delay visiting the dental office. You can connect with us and book an appointment at a reasonable pace. So, ensure that you follow these maintenance tips and get in touch with our experts promptly.

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Comprehensive Dental Crown Care at Dental Krafts

Be it a stainless steel crown or an all-porcelain crown, certain issues are common after the placement process. You can face discomfort with temporary cement or a case of sensitive teeth. Regardless of the nature of your problem, we, at Dental Krafts offer the most practical solutions.


Sensitivity or Discomfort

As the local anesthesia wears off, the teeth can become susceptible to heat or cold. Also, you might face pain during chewing. In both cases, we offer simple solutions:

  • Use toothpaste made for brushing sensitive teeth

  • If you notice pain during chewing, there can be a fitment issue. Our dentist can fix this problem without hassle


Darkish Line on the Crowned Tooth

This issue arises in the case of porcelain fused to metal crowns. It does not cause any major medical problems. However, such an appearance can lead to an impact on aesthetics. However, our dental team can fix the problem by using ceramic crowns as an alternative.


Allergic Response in the Mouth

Although rare, some patients experience an allergic reaction to the materials of the crown. In such cases, it is crucial to identify the exact reason for an allergy. We have expertise in solving such cases and can suggest a viable alternative to the existing crown. This way, you can continue your routine activities without any major interference or hassle.


Falling of Crowns

An underlying tooth can decay and lead to the loosening of your permanent crown. In such a scenario, use a temporary tooth adhesive. Also, ensure that the biting and chewing forces are minimal.

Contact our team at your earliest. Our experts will suggest proper measures until you reach the dentist’s office. If required, you might require a newly crowned tooth to rectify the problem.


Chipping of Crowns

All porcelain crowns, or the ones made from ceramic, can undergo chipping. In such cases, we use composite resin to rectify the chip. This solution applies to a small area. For a permanent fix, you need to choose a replacement with crowns made from suitable base metal alloys. It is crucial to note that metal crowns rarely chip.


The Longevity of Dental Crowns

On average, dental crowns last between five to fifteen years. If you follow proper oral hygiene and aftercare tips, their lifespan can increase considerably. These factors influence the overall lifespan of dental crowns:

  • Types of dental crowns

  • Personal oral hygiene habits

  • Selection of food items

  • Wear and tear of the crown

  • Habits like grinding or clenching

At Dental Krafts, we offer personalized suggestions on increasing the lifespan of your crowned tooth. Be it a root canal service or a simple aesthetic solution, our experts ensure that you receive all such tips and guidance at every stage.

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Connect with Dental Krafts for Your Next Crowned Tooth

Located in Gurugram, Haryana, we are experts in the field of dentistry catering to all the essential requirements. You can connect with us to understand the different types of dental procedures and choose the best solution. At Dental Krafts, our team of experts analyze your requirement and suggest suitable crowns.

Notably, you can choose gold crowns, zirconia crowns, fused-to-metal crowns, and other common types. Here are the salient aspects of our dental crown treatment:

  • Personalized assistance and guidance

  • Use of state-of-the-art equipment for the creation of the mold

  • Utmost transparency in information like ‘dental crowns cost’ and material

  • Careful evaluation of complex locations like out-of-sight molars

  • Best solutions for posterior teeth and overall protection

  • Guidance on maintenance and pain resolution tips

So, ensure that you connect with our team and choose our dental crown service. You can book an online appointment or use our contact number to get in touch.