All That You Should Know About Invisalign Braces

Let’s face it. Traditional braces can hamper your look. They can make you feel nerdy and impact your self-confidence. So, the question is – how to straighten your teeth with a better alternative?

Clear aligners are the perfect solution to your teeth straightening process. Invisalign, a well-known brand of clear aligners, offers hard plastic braces that fit into your mouth. Your dentist can order customised invisible braces after proper evaluation.

As a patient looking to rectify issues like crooked teeth, it is vital to know more about clear aligners and their benefits. This blog aims at providing essential info about these wonderful teeth aligners.

What are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

These are transparent moulds that are used in Invisalign orthodontic treatment in place of traditional metallic braces. These teeth aligners cover your teeth and gradually put them in proper alignment.

As the name suggests, Invisalign is practically invisible braces. One of its biggest benefits is that you can place them on your teeth and remove them at your convenience. Since they are transparent in appearance, people do not notice them quickly. So, your smile will remain a charming part of your personality.

Are Invisalign Aligners For Everyone?

You might be wondering about the application of clear aligners. These versatile teeth-straightening products are suitable for the following age groups:

  • Teens

  • Adults

    These transparent teeth aligners are customisable. So, you can belong to any age group and fix those crooked teeth that have become a concern for you.

In addition, clear aligners are twice as durable compared to other traditional braces. So, you can visit an orthodontist for yourself or any person needing the treatment.

Crucial Information about the Invisalign Teeth Aligners

It is vital to know some technical information about clear aligners as a consumer. This way, you will walk into your dentist’s clinic as an informed patient rather than an ignorant one.

Here are some fundamentals of invisible braces for your awareness.

Material Used

Generally, Invisalign teeth aligners are made from hard plastic. This plastic is BPA-free and is an excellent alternative to traditional braces made from metal.

In technical terms, the brand uses multilayer aromatic thermoplastic polyurethane. Notably, you can see your teeth through these aligners. So, using them in the smile treatment is a safe, durable, and high value-for-money option.

General Invisalign Process

These aligners are all about personalisation. In the first stage, your treatment will be tailormade by the dentist or a dental assistant.

Initially, the orthodontist will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and discuss the requirement. If you want to proceed with an Invisalign treatment, the dentist will use X-rays (if required) or a 3D model.

The professional will also click pictures and gauge the disorientation based on the gathered data. The following three modes of data are vital to deciding the next course of action:

  • X Rays

  • 3D Models

  • Images of your teeth

Your dentist will send this information to the lab, which will develop a clear aligner that fits your teeth perfectly. So, you will get excellent guidance throughout the Invisalign retainer treatment.

General Cost Estimate of Clear Aligners

To maintain an excellent teeth-straightening process, you have to invest in hi-tech solutions. Invisalign teeth aligners are one such example.

Typically, the treatment cost of these aligners ranges from INR 1,50,000 to INR 3,50,000. Still, the aligners are customised depending on each patient’s requirements. So, the cost of your Invisalign treatment plan can vary accordingly.

Here are some factors that influence the variation in the cost:

  • The complexity of the teeth

  • Timing of the treatment

  • Your smile goals

  • Your orthodontist insurance (if available)

  • Treatment duration

Overall, to determine the accurate cost of treatment, you need to visit a reliable dental clinic. The above cost range is an estimate of this effective cosmetic dentistry treatment.

The Scope of Invisalign Treatment

Using clear aligners can rectify several dental issues in your front teeth. You can avail of this service if any of the following problems hamper your smile and facial aesthetics.


The front teeth on your upper end overlap with the lower teeth in this condition. Generally, an overbite exists in a small proportion of every person’s dental structure.

But in some cases, this condition can be significantly large. Clear aligners can rectify this problem. All you need is to wear these invisible braces on the teeth for certain hours a day. Your dentist will suggest this duration depending on the extent of overbite.

Crowded Teeth

As the name suggests, this condition means that your teeth are pushed to the front or back. Usually, people with a smaller jaw face this particular issue.

If you have crowded teeth, there are issues while brushing and flossing. But the use of invisible braces can rectify this dental problem.

Gap In Between Teeth

Some individuals have some space in the gap between two adjacent teeth. As a result, food particles can get accumulated, leading to several dental issues.

Your aligners can fix unwanted gaps to improve oral hygiene and the aesthetic appearance of your teeth.

Open Bite

Did you notice that some people cannot close their mouths completely? This problem occurs when the upper and lower teeth don’t come in contact with each other.

This condition, known as open bite, can make it difficult to eat certain foods. With the use of a clear Invisalign retainer, your orthodontist can successfully rectify this issue.


This condition is the opposite of overbite. If you have an underbite, the lower teeth overlap and come in front of the upper ones.

An expert dentist can suggest the use of clear aligners and suitable surgery (if required). This way, you will be able to achieve that perfect smile and a confident look altogether.

Benefits of Invisalign Braces for Your Teeth

You might be thinking about the high cost of these teeth aligners. Comparatively, traditional braces are cheaper than clear retainers. Still, the following pros of invisible aligners make them a worthy investment.

The Comfort Factor

Metal braces often require wires or brackets for fitment purposes. In comparison, these transparent aligners are free from any additional requirements.

These hard plastic braces are similar to mouthguards. You can easily put them in the mouth and remove them at will. This convenience adds to the comfort of the person using aligners.

Facilitate Ease in Brushing and Eating

The ease of removal during different situations makes clear aligners worth the investment. Unlike metal braces, you can remove them and enjoy your favourite foods without hesitation.

Also, you can continue brushing and flossing without any interference. All these factors eliminate the occurrence of any new issues like gum diseases. So, you can practice great oral hygiene when using these teeth aligners.

Clear and Concise Treatment Plan

An orthodontist will guide you mostly before the development of tailormade invisible braces. Once you have the braces, there is no frequent need to visit the dental clinic.

You can decide how long to wear the braces daily after a couple of visits. So, this clarity in the treatment eliminates the need to visit your dentist often. On the other hand, with metallic braces, you have to maintain a consistent dental clinic schedule to adjust them frequently.

Low Maintenance

You can clean the stains on invisible braces by using a simple scrubbing activity. This process of your aligner maintenance is hassle-free and straightforward.

So, you do not need to invest in any chemicals, solvents, or other mechanisms to keep the braces clean. In the long term, this benefit ends up saving time and money.

Cons of Invisalign Braces

Despite the many pros, this product also has certain limitations. Before choosing invisible braces as your teeth-straightening solution, you need to consider some points.

Are Expensive

The material and manufacturing process of these hard plastic transparent braces are unique. As a result, they are more expensive than metallic braces or other retainers.

Still, clear aligners can prove a more comfortable and effective solution if you have the budget. This treatment is more likely to produce good results due to its customized approach.

Need High Perseverance

The treatment time for these braces depends on your discipline. You should wear invisible braces for at least 22 hours a day for best results.

The average duration might feel challenging to people who don’t prefer using braces all the time. In short, you need to go about your daily routine with a clear aligner in your mouth.

Slight Inconvenience

Does it feel awkward to remove aligners every time you eat? If yes, this point is one of the drawbacks of invisible braces. You might notice this inconvenience, especially if you eat in public.

In addition, you need to brush your teeth before putting back your aligners. So, the overall process can seem a tad cumbersome when you are outside.

Effectiveness of the Invisible Braces

The Invisalign braces are based on a simple principle. As you wear these retainers, your teeth and gum begin to adapt to the new position. This position is the one that you and your dentist aim to achieve. This way, you can achieve the perfect smile with utmost confidence.

Generally, a dentist suggests you wear one set of these aligners for two weeks. In the next appointment, the dentist will evaluate your teeth’s condition. As per requirement, the expert will decide properly regarding 3D scans or X-rays.

Are the aligners effective?

In a word, yes. Invisalign aligners can be effective for most mild to moderate misalignments. This is because the braces exert an all-around force on the entire tooth.

Also, the manufacturing process used to make these braces is hi-tech and systematic. Hence, these solutions are meant to be appropriate for most individuals.

Reasons You Need Invisible Tooth Aligners

Skipping the use of metal braces isn’t the only main reason to opt for these aligners. Here are practical inferences from using these aligners.

  • Help maintain long-term oral health

  • More than comfortable to wear and remove

  • Eliminates the need for surgery if used at the right time

  • Efficient in treating numerous dental alignment issues

  • Proven results that cover a wide range of consumers

It will surely be interesting to experience the customized fit of these aligners. In addition, an aligner does not cause as much discomfort compared to sharp metal braces.

So, your teeth-straightening journey can become smooth with discipline and reliable dental guidance.

Wrapping Up

Invisalign braces or clear aligners are appropriate alternatives to metal retainers. They are transparent, comfortable, and made from high-quality BPA-free plastic.

Although costly, these teeth aligners effectively rectify common teeth misalignment issues. Notably, they exert an equal magnitude of the force on the tooth. So, the teeth and gum adjust to the new position without much hassle.

A dentist or an orthodontist will use x-rays, 3D scans, and images of your teeth to order a customized set of invisible braces. So, remember to choose a reliable dentist near you for the best Invisalign treatment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the aligners from Invisalign take to work?

Usually, the treatment time for fixing teeth misalignment differs from person to person. Still, you can expect visible results after using these braces for around 12 months.

In case of milder teeth misalignment, this duration can be short. Remember to use invisible braces for more than 20 hours a day or as directed by the dentist.

Can I eat food with invisible braces?

Once you remove the clear aligners, it is safe to chew and consume food. These braces are removable, leading to a high level of convenience.

However, it is vital to brush your teeth after eating food. Afterward, you can place them back in your mouth.

Is using Invisalign braces painful?

In a nutshell, the aligners made from BPA-free plastic aren’t very painful. Still, you can face slight soreness after using these braces for the first time.

This slight level of discomfort occurs in the case of every teeth retainer. Once you get used to these braces, the teeth’ soreness begins to reside. Consequently, you can carry out your daily routine without any hassle.

Can I use invisible braces to rectify my smile?

Invisible braces are capable of aligning your teeth. These aligners can treat a variety of dental issues like crooked teeth, overbite, crowded teeth, etc. This way, your teeth can get realigned, leading to a slight improvement in your jaw position.

As a result, you might witness an improvement in your smile with this orthodontic treatment.