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Your search for the nearest dental clinic around the beautiful city of Gurgaon is now over. At Dental Krafts, we pride ourselves on offering the best dental services for everyone.

Do you want a hassle-free root canal? Or maybe the best teeth whitening experience?

If yes, then our clinic has a dentist team that is experienced, professional, and highly reliable. With state-of-the-art dental facilities, you always receive top-notch treatment.

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Dental Krafts: One-stop solution for all your dental woes

The best dentists strive hard to use their knowledge to simplify oral hygiene. At Dental Krafts, our team aims to use professional expertise to provide safe, reliable, and accurate dental treatment.

We understand that you want us to show results with minimum pain and effort. So, we work tirelessly abiding by the modern innovations in dentistry to solve your problems.

Your search for a ‘good dentist near me‘ is hence now over!

Our philosophy

We believe that dental health has a massive impact on your personality. You can face any situation with an attractive smile with excellent gums and teeth.

As a highly professional dental clinic in Gurgaon, we understand that our job is more than mere treatment of the mouth. We aim to rebuild your self-confidence through traditional and modern techniques.

Since every person deserves a dental treatment that focuses on comfort, we at Dental Krafts, aim to offer you just that!

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Why choose us?

You might be wondering, ‘should I consult a dentist to straighten my teeth?’ The reason that you ask such a question is natural. Dentists in different cities do not offer all the dental treatments. However, at Dental Krafts, you have the best dentists equipped to cover all the related services in dentistry.

Our services include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Dental implants

  • Root canal treatment

  • Invisible braces

  • Smile makeover

  • Orthodontics

  • Kid dentistry

  • Teeth whitening

  • Cosmetic dentistry

Your search for a reliable ‘dental care near me‘ will no longer be a tedious process as we offer best-in-class services at accessible locations. We are one of the most reliable brands that cater to all dental needs of the local community.

We treat people living in top localities, general civil areas, and every part of Gurgaon. In short, all you need is to explore the ‘use my location’ feature and locate us on your phone.

To know more about your nearest dentist services, book an appointment with us at your convenience.

What do we offer?

The best dentists in India offer a wide range of services. On the one hand, they remove tooth decay, perform a tooth extraction, and carry out a root canal procedure. However, they are also well-versed in cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, braces, and attaching dental veneers.

So, when you search for the nearest dental clinic in Gurgaon, you will find Dental Krafts on your list. This is because we provide all of the above, surgical and cosmetic services at reasonable rates.

Here’s a brief elaboration of some of our primary services to understand when you need to pay a visit to the dentist.


If you have lost one or more teeth, a dentist can attach artificial structures. These structures are known as dental implants.

In short, these implants have the potential to replace a missing tooth. These implants which are the shape of a tiny screw get attached to the jawbone.

You can find suitable implants available at our Gurgaon dental clinic. All you need to do is book an appointment and get in touch.

Invisalign invisible braces

Crooked teeth are the worst feeling for many individuals. In fact, such a situation can hamper your self-confidence. So, people invest in ceramic braces for straightening their teeth.

But, what if we sat that you find a dental alternative that eliminates the hassle of visible braces?

Well, at Dental Krafts we offer clear aligners. These braces are removable, customised, and transparent in appearance. As a result, you do not need to worry about roaming around with a nerdy look or feel conscious when you smile.

Smile makeover

One of the wonders of modern dentistry is to modify your facial appearance. A smile makeover is a dental procedure that falls under the cosmetic category.

Through this procedure, you can alter your smile as per your preference. It involves the use of dental veneers and can fix common issues like:

  • Missing or misaligned teeth

  • Stained teeth

  • A bland smile

In simple words, a smile makeover treatment enhances your mouth for a better appearance. But, approaching a dentist with thorough knowledge is crucial for this cosmetic dental procedure.

Conventional dental procedures

Root canal, tooth extraction, and gum disease are common dental issues. Due to remarkable expertise in the field of dentistry, we cover all these conventional procedures.

More importantly, we ensure patient comfort at every stage. Our focus is on thorough sterilisation and the use of high-quality equipment for such dental surgeries. Although conventional in nature, we adopt modern technology to carry these treatments.

Also, you receive timely feedback and guidance to ensure healthy gums and teeth that last a lifetime.

Kids’ dentistry

The final category of our dental clinic focuses on children. Young kids are always scared when visiting the doctor. But, diseases of the mouth need prompt treatment to avoid complications.

Our team understands this fact and approaches child dentistry with care and sensitivity. At each stage, the dentist ensures the comfort of your child.

A team focused on patient safety

A dental clinic is a place where patients and dentists come in close proximity. Post pandemic, dentists in the world began adapting to new hygiene requirements.

Now, if you consult a dentist, it is vital to verify the presence of safety measures. As a multi-specialty dental clinic in Gurgaon, we understand the patient’s concerns regarding safety and cleanliness. So, our facility has all the measures necessary to keep patient safety as our top priority.

Adherence to strict national protocols

At Dental Krafts, we make sure to follow all the regulations laid by recognised medical bodies. As a result, our treatment includes several safety activities.

  • Multi-phase sterilisation of instruments

  • Use of UV disinfection as per requirement

  • Hand sanitisation protocols

  • Protection kits for dentists and assistants

  • Regular cleaning routine of the dental clinic

  • Consistent fumigation

Overall, these protocols are set in place by dentists who strive to provide the safest environment for patients.

Use of state-of-the-art equipment

Cleaning of teeth and gums requires close contact. So, our dental clinic has high-quality safety tools for maintaining a healthy environment.

Be it PPE suits, gloves or masks, our professionals use this equipment as necessary. Our fumigation device takes care of viruses, fungi, or bacteria in the clinic. In addition, equipment like disposal gloves ensures the complete safety of our patients.

Protective eyewear, face shields, and disposable caps are some of the other equipment used in the facility.

Additionally, be it root canal or dental veneers, a dentist should always use reliable tools. At Dental Krafts, we leave no stone untouched while choosing our dental equipment.

Each of the tools available at our facility comes from reputed brands. We aim to provide top-notch dental service to all our visitors. As such, our choice of tools is always immaculate.

Our USPs

Finding the ‘best dentist in Gurgaon near me‘ is a tedious process. First, you need to use the ‘sort by’ function on your phone. Next, you have to explore dentists in the city that fulfill your requirement.

Being a multi-specialty dental clinic, you receive a wide range of services under a single roof. Also, our dentist duo has qualifications from institutes like AIIMS (New Delhi) and PGIMER (Chandigarh).

Our consultation fees are competitive and suit the requirements of almost everyone in Gurgaon and the adjacent areas. Additionally, we focus on:

  • Improving self-confidence

  • Relieving gums and tooth pain

  • Guiding patients in consuming a healthy diet

  • Offering the best dental services with unparalleled commitment

How to find us?

Are you searching the ‘best dentist near me?’

Then contact us through telephone, email, or visit us at two locations:

  • Sector 53

  • Near Hong Kong Bazar

Remember to book an appointment before visiting our clinic. If you are tech-savvy, use the internet to show results near your location. First, you might find results from all of Gurgaon city locations. To simplify, opt to show results near you and locate our dental clinic.

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