Gums Diseases Treatment In Gurgaon

teeth after cleaning
Gum Disease


Gums diseases is a continuous bacterial infection in gums surrounding teeth.  Untreated gum diseases can lead to bad oral health and other health diseases. The disease progresses as bacterial infection and if left untreated can lead to tooth loss.


Bleeding gums /swollen gums.

Bad odor /halitosis.

Pricking sensation.

Mobile teeth.

Gummy smile.

Food Lodgment.

Protruded teeth.

Spaces between teeth.


Gums diseases effect millions of people across globe and it is slowly progressing diseases or you can say quiet disease that progresses without pain until it is severe.  We at Dental Kraft’s in Gurugram understands your oral problems and helps you in returning your gums to normal.

Gums diseases link to serious health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease, cancer and osteoporosis.

Gums diseases most typically presents itself as a tinge of blood on your tooth brush while brushing if left untreated can lead to severe bone loss and loosening of teeth. 

We at Dental Kraft’s are experts at treating all levels of gum diseases and we use high-tech diagnostics and advance cutting-Edge technology to return your gums to full normal.

There are different treatment options depending upon your level of severity like : –

1)    Full dental cleaning / deep cleaning- is where we remove the accumulated  bacterial plaque and calculus on the tooth surfaces above/below gum line and later on root surface so that it is harder for the bacteria to attach to the tooth.

2)    Antibiotic delivery of drugs.

3)    Flap surgery/ gum surgery.

 We at dental kraft’s have advanced dental laser to gently remove the damage gum tissue and eliminate the bacteria of deep pockets and we will guide you proper home care techniques to effectively maintain oral health after treatment as your smile reflects your confidence and we at dental kraft’s promises to bring your smile back without having to endure a lot of pain.