Invisalign Cost 101: How Much Should You Pay for Teeth Aligners

Invisalign Cost 101: How Much Should You Pay for Teeth Aligners

Are you looking to get Invisalign braces but want to ensure that it is the best way to go forward? Are you trying to find more information about the cost and process of getting invisible braces in India? Then you’ve landed on the right web page.

So, this article will provide you with all the information about Invisalign costs for your teeth.

Let’s get started.

What is Invisalign?

Before we understand the different costs associated with getting clear aligners, it’s essential to know what Invisalign actually means. Invisalign treatment is an orthodontic process that aims to straighten your teeth without using the typical metallic braces.

According to the Indian Dental Association, the Invisalign treatment includes putting on a number of customised see-through aligners that help bring your teeth to their normal position.

However, you must know that these invisible braces come with certain disadvantages as well. Two of the most prominent downsides of this treatment are the high cost and the inability to fix some complex problems.

Patients, especially in India, have always been susceptible to metallic braces. However, Invisalign and its invisible braces are helping dial down this susceptibility considerably. In most cases, the choice of braces finally comes down to the cost.

Therefore, it is vital to know what factors affect the cost of Invisalign braces and whether they are worth the money?

How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost?

The precise cost of Invisalign treatment varies on a case-to-case basis. The two most important factors determining the cost of clear aligners are the length of alignment your teeth require and the number of aligners you’ll need for the treatment.

Other than this, some more important considerations that will determine your treatment cost are as follows:

  • Your location and the prevailing price in your city.

  • The extent of the price covered by your insurance plan.

  • Your dentist’s labour cost.

On an average, the cost of clear aligners, according to manufacturers, comes out to be around $3,000 to $8,000. This amount loosely converts to 2,30,000 to 6,10,000 INR. However, if we look at only India, the average cost of the treatment is 1,50,000 to 3,50,000 INR. The Invisalign cost Gurgaon is somewhat at par with the average Indian cost, with slight variations that depend upon your insurance plan and doctor’s preferences.

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Advantages of Invisalign

Now that you know the cost and factors associated with invisible braces, it’s time to look at some points that will help justify your investment.

From considerably less discomfort to invisibility, here are some of the key pros of going for an Invisalign treatment done:

  • One cannot clearly make out that you are wearing braces because they are practically invisible. Therefore, you can smile all you want without feeling even a hint of awkwardness.

  • If done in the right way, a clear aligner is extremely easy to remove and put back on.

  • Despite being more advanced than standard braces, the treatment almost takes the same time or even less to be completed.

  • Since there is less scope of wear and tear in these braces, they often require lesser visits to the dentist.

  • It’s not as hard on your teeth are compared to regular braces. Therefore, they cause less discomfort.

How to Decide Between Clear Aligners and Braces?

Clear aligners are usually great for treating your dental ailments. However, to answer whether it is viable for you to go with clear aligners or normal braces, you should ask the following questions.

  • Does your dental company promise to pay for additional aligners if the results are unsatisfactory?

  • What is the best option for treating your particular case of ailment, braces or aligners?

  • How much does your insurance plan cover for both alternatives?

How to Save on the Cost of Invisible Braces in India?

Invisible braces may seem like a cosmetic choice that one makes to improve the aesthetics of their smile. However, this is not the only reason. Did you know that crooked teeth are generally harder to clean, making them more susceptible to cavities and jaw pains?

Moreover, crooked teeth make people extremely conscious of their smiles and reduce their self-confidence. This might make people socially awkward and not allow them to enjoy life to the fullest.

Therefore, if you are considering Invisalign, here are some ways and strategies you can use to save up some of your money.

Automated Medical Savings

Several insurance and finance companies offer this feature for dental treatments. According to it, a certain amount of money is automatically debited from your account on a monthly basis. This money can only be used for healthcare expenses. However, these funds don’t often rollover, so you must ensure to spend them before the end of the year.

Easy Payment Plans

Most dental care companies offer the option of easy payment plans. These plans prevent you from paying the entire cost of your treatment at once. When you receive the quotation for your treatment from your dentist, ask them to suggest the most viable payment plan for your case.

Credit Cards with No-interest

Credit cards can either be a financial bane or boon, depending upon how you use them. You can make good use of a credit card if you pay off your credit before the introductory rate ends. However, you must be aware of the deferred interest rates at all times.

Summing it Up

Invisalign treatment can bring the best out of your teeth. To make your investments in this process worth the money, you must follow all the instructions given by your doctor. For instance, you must wear your clear aligners for the prescribed amount of time for starters.

In addition, you must maintain proper oral hygiene and clean your teeth properly for the entire duration of the process. Lastly, you must put on your retainer as instructed by your dentist to get the best results.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Dental Krafts and start your Invisalign treatment today.