Invisalign Treatment In Gurgaon


Braces have been used for centuries to correct gaps, crowding, crookedness, or overlap in your teeth. However, the traditional unattractive metal braces can put you off the entire process, especially if you are an adult.

Imagine looking like a teenager for months and feeling conscious while smiling.

But fret not, we at Dental Krafts have the solution to all your problems. Wear braces but have them be invisible by opting for our clear aligners.

What are Invisible Braces?

Clear teeth aligners are a stylish but functional alternative to traditional braces that will guide your teeth into their correct positions. They use gradual force to move your teeth back into place without any need for metal wires and brackets.

Additionally, while they perform similar to traditional teeth aligners, they are not attached to your teeth. Instead, they are customized for your mouth and act like plastic caps. Moreover, they are removable and easy to take out when you want to brush, floss, or eat.

So, generally, you will begin with one set of invisible braces which your orthodontist will change as you progress according to your treatment.

Which are the Best Invisible Aligners?

There are plenty of choices in the market when it comes to invisible bracesHowever, Invisalign makes for the best choice in invisible teeth braces! Backed by over two decades of research, it is the most popular brand for orthodontic treatment.

Moreover, every orthodontist offering an Invisalign treatment undergoes training for the same. And most importantly, an Invisalign treatment is suitable for every age group, from teens to those in their 60s.

What are Invisalign Braces made of?

One of the first steps of getting Invisalign braces is getting your teeth scanned. This allows dental experts to design your personalized pair of the best invisible braces available. You will also have regular orthodontist visits to check your progress and change your aligner pair.

The clear aligners themselves are made from flexible medical-grade plastic. This is a patented multilayer aromatic thermoplastic polyurethane material called SmartTrack which is perfectly safe and also biocompatible.

Is Invisalign Noticeable?

The Invisalign clear aligners are virtually invisible. People around you might not even notice anything different with your teeth until you tell them otherwise. Additionally, they make a sizable aesthetic difference in comparison to usual metal braces.

So, if you were ruling out the option of getting teeth aligners for appearance reasons, Invisalign gives you the discretion you want.

What Problems Can Invisalign Braces Correct?

The Invisalign invisible braces efficiently treat the most common dental issues. However, some problems might require specialized orthodontic treatments depending on their severity.

Here is a list of issues that Invisalign can solve for you:

Misaligned Teeth

Not only do misaligned teeth make you conscious about smiling, but they also make eating and chewing very difficult. It occurs mainly during childhood and can be caused by many reasons. One of the most common and unavoidable reasons being genetics.

Genes can affect the size of your jaw, making it too small compared to your teeth. Additionally, habits like thumb-sucking or thrusting of your tongue can also contribute to this issue. But with slight and steady pressure, Invisalign can help fix your teeth.

Overbite and Underbite

Overbite is when your upper front teeth overlap your lower front teeth by a more significant margin than is normal. It can cause difficulties in biting and chewing and sometimes also cause pain in the jaw. On the other hand, an underbite is when your lower front teeth overlap your upper front teeth. This can give rise to speech difficulties and can cause the teeth to wear more quickly.

This too can be solved with Invisalign teeth aligners.

Openbite and Crossbite

Openbite is the condition where your upper and lower teeth do not meet when you close your mouth. In contrast, crossbite is when some of your upper teeth sit inside your lower teeth when you close your mouth instead of being outside. This can cause chipping of your teeth and faster wear along with receding gums.

With Invisaligners, you can correct both these conditions effectively. At the end of your treatment, you will have perfectly aligned teeth when you close your mouth, preventing further problems.

Crooked and Crowded Teeth

Having crooked or crowded teeth can make way for a hoard of other dental problems. Food particles can get stuck in the reduced space between your teeth, causing tartar and plaque build-up which will in turn cause gum problems or tooth decay.

But fret not, Invisalign braces can fix most crooked and crowded teeth based on severity and complexity and help you attain your perfect smile!

How Long Does Invisalign Take to Show Results?

Similar to traditional braces, Invisalign invisible braces are also a lengthy treatment. The exact duration of your treatment will be based on your specific requirements. Your Invisalign dentist at Dental Krafts will devise a plan for you, taking all factors into account.

For teenagers, the length of the treatment may vary considerably, whereas, for adults, an average treatment can last about 12-18 months. But irrespective of age, your teeth will show visible results within a few months of starting the Invisalign treatment.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign?

The advantages of an Invisalign treatment extend way beyond the aesthetics. Not only is there a sizable difference when you compare results before and after invisible braces, but they also provide the following benefits.

Greater safety

Invisalign invisible braces are made from smooth, flexible plastic. You might experience some discomfort initially, but you will get comfortable will their placement inside your mouth over time. They are perfectly safe to use as opposed to traditional teeth aligners.

Metal braces tend to have extruding ends and sharp edges that can irritate the tongue and the inside of the mouth. In some cases, it also causes sores and cuts. This is why Invisaligners are a safer option in comparison.

You can eat what you want

When you start wearing traditional teeth aligners, there are many food restrictions imposed for the course of your treatment. You cannot eat chewy, crunchy, sticky, hard foods or anything that requires biting into.

With Invisalign, however, there are no such restrictions. You can eat everything you want over the course of your treatment because you will not be wearing your clear aligners while eating. The removability of Invisalign allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without limitation.

Increased cleanliness

Since metallic braces are attached to the teeth, they often obstruct cleaning activities like brushing and flossing which can lead to bad breath and dental uncleanliness.

With Invisalign, however, you face no such issues. You can simply pop them out before brushing or flossing and put them back on once you are done. You can also clean your Invisalign clear aligners separately.

Just use your toothbrush to ensure there is no build-up on the aligner trays.

Saves you time

Once you start your Invisalign treatment, you only have to visit your orthodontist once in six to eight weeks. On the other hand, opting for traditional braces requires monthly visits. Therefore, choosing Invisalign can save you time on trips to our clinics!

Faster recovery

Invisalign is customized to your teeth, making it more effective in repositioning them than braces. No matter what the problem is, Invisalign is found to be more time-efficient and fruitful in shaping your smile. This means that the average duration of the treatment is lower for Invisalign as opposed to traditional aligners.

You can remove it for special occasions

You may have to attend an important event or function, but you feel self-conscious about wearing braces. With Invisalign, your braces are practically invisible. If you still do not want to wear them, you have the option to remove them and place them in the Invisalign case.

What to Ask Yourself Before Getting Invisalign?

An Invisalign treatment is a long process with its own set of responsibilities. So, you need to ask yourself these four questions before embarking on your teeth alignment journey.

  • Will I wear my clear aligners for the recommended number of hours every day?

  • Will I take off my Invisalign every time I eat something and brush my teeth before wearing them back?

  • Will I keep my clear aligners clean at all times?

  • Am I ready to wear full-time retainers after my Invisalign treatment?

If your answer to all of them was a yes, you are ready for your Invisalign journey!

What are the Steps in an Invisalign Treatment?

The Invisalign process can be broken down into three parts, from your first orthodontist visit to finally wearing your new smile. Take a look at the steps we follow at our clinic:

Step 1: Connect with an Invisalign provider at Dental Krafts

Contact us at either of our Gurgaon dental clinics and book your first consultation.

At your consultation, we will use technology like the iTero scanner to create a digital scan of your teeth. This helps us devise a wholly personalized plan of action for you.

We understand that starting a new dental journey can be scary, and we do our best to make you feel comfortable.

Step 2: Wear your First Invisalign

This will mark the beginning of your teeth repositioning process. Once we customize your new invisible braces, we will ensure that they fit well and instruct you on how to manage/handle the aligners.

We will also give you the schedule to switch your clear aligners and tell you what to expect at every step. Additionally, you can chart your progress and clarify all your doubts regarding the invisible braces during your regular visits.

Step 3: Maintain that Smile

The journey does not end at your getting your beautiful smile. You have to seal the deal by wearing retainers to maintain the position of your teeth. Vivero retainers are also custom-made and sturdy to help you keep the smile that you worked on for so long.

Invisalign Treatments at Dental Krafts Gurgaon

There are numerous Invisalign treatments available at Dental Krafts clinics for you. We will help you straighten your teeth and preserve your smile using Vivera retainers.

For children, we have an Invisalign First treatment. These invisible braces are for kids between the ages of 6 and 10. This product is used when problems can be spotted early, even when children still have their baby teeth, and can be corrected using orthodontic treatment.

Teenagers too love Invisaligners because they no longer have to wear unsightly metal braces. Invisalign can help them fix their teeth without compromising their school or college life. They can eat anything they want to and remove their aligners while playing rough sports.

Lastly, adults have benefitted the most from Invisalign. It fits into their lifestyle seamlessly and is a discrete way of working on a new smile. They do not need to be embarrassed about wearing teeth aligners anymore and, instead, gain more confidence. Not to forget, the affordable pricing also makes Invisalign teeth braces a very accessible option for everyone.

How much does Invisalign cost?

One of the most crucial considerations while deciding on an Invisalign treatment is its cost and how it compares to traditional dental methods. On the surface, it can seem like traditional braces are less expensive, but if you only need a couple of teeth repositioned, the Invisalign cost is comparable.

With Invisalign, you also save money on other dental options like veneers and composite bonding by using Invisalign instead. It is hence a more natural and effective solution to enhance your smile.

How to Find the Cost for your Personal Invisalign?

To determine the Invisalign cost Gurgaon for your personal treatment, call our Sector 53 or Sector 57 dental clinic and book a consultation with our team at Dental Krafts. We will be able to accurately assess how many weeks you will need to wear Invisalign to achieve your desired results.

Once your treatment plan is formulated, we will be able to give you a definite price based on your goals and requirements.

Do note that there might be some variables, like the cost for additional trays, if the teeth are not moving as expected. However, we will acquaint you with all expenses before you start the process.

Invisalign Cost 101: How Much Should You Pay for Teeth Aligners

Are you looking to get Invisalign braces but want to ensure that it is the best way to go forward? Are you trying to find more information about the cost and process of getting invisible braces in India? Then you’ve landed on the right web page.

So, this article will provide you with all the information about Invisalign cost for your teeth.

Let’s get started.

What is Invisalign?

Before we understand the different costs associated with getting clear aligners, it’s essential to know what Invisalign actually means. Invisalign treatment is an orthodontic process that aims to straighten your teeth without using the typical metallic braces.

According to the Indian Dental Association, the Invisalign treatment includes putting on a number of customised see-through aligners that help bring your teeth to their normal position.

However, you must know that these invisible braces come with certain disadvantages as well. Two of the most prominent downsides of this treatment are the high cost and the inability to fix some complex problems.

Patients, especially in India, have always been susceptible to metallic braces. However, Invisalign and its invisible braces are helping dial down this susceptibility considerably. In most cases, the choice of braces finally comes down to the cost.

Therefore, it is vital to know what factors affect the cost of Invisalign braces and whether they are worth the money?

How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost?

The  Invisalign cost varies on a case-to-case basis. The two most important factors determining the cost of clear aligners are the length of alignment your teeth require and the number of aligners you’ll need for the treatment.

Other than this, some more important considerations that will determine your treatment cost are as follows:

  • Your location and the prevailing price in your city.

  • The extent of the price covered by your insurance plan.

  • Your dentist’s labour cost.

On an average, the cost of clear aligners, according to manufacturers, comes out to be around $3,000 to $8,000. This amount loosely converts to 2,30,000 to 6,10,000 INR. However, if we look at only India, the average cost of the treatment is 1,50,000 to 3,50,000 INR. The Invisalign cost Gurgaon is somewhat at par with the average Indian cost, with slight variations that depend upon your insurance plan and doctor’s preferences.

If you are in Gurgaon and looking for a place to get invisible braces, we have a very viable option for you. Dental Krafts is a dental clinic that provides the best dental services in Gurgaon. The organisation works to improve the overall dental hygiene of the local community of Gurgaon and give them the best treatment possible.

Moreover, Dentals Krafts aims to improve their patients’ self-confidence and quality of life. If you are considering getting your dental issues sorted, then head to Dental Krafts today.

Advantages of Invisalign

Now that you know the cost and factors associated with invisible braces, it’s time to look at some points that will help justify your investment.

From considerably less discomfort to invisibility, here are some of the key pros of going for an Invisalign treatment done:

  • One cannot clearly make out that you are wearing braces because they are practically invisible. Therefore, you can smile all you want without feeling even a hint of awkwardness.

  • If done in the right way, a clear aligner is extremely easy to remove and put back on.

  • Despite being more advanced than standard braces, the treatment almost takes the same time or even less to be completed.

  • Since there is less scope of wear and tear in these braces, they often require lesser visits to the dentist.

  • It’s not as hard on your teeth are compared to regular braces. Therefore, they cause less discomfort.

How to Decide Between Clear Aligners and Braces?

Clear aligners are usually great for treating your dental ailments. However, to answer whether it is viable for you to go with clear aligners or normal braces, you should ask the following questions.

  • Does your dental company promise to pay for additional aligners if the results are unsatisfactory?

  • What is the best option for treating your particular case of ailment, braces or aligners?

  • How much does your insurance plan cover for both alternatives?

How to Save on the Cost of Invisible Braces in India?

Invisible braces may seem like a cosmetic choice that one makes to improve the aesthetics of their smile. However, this is not the only reason. Did you know that crooked teeth are generally harder to clean, making them more susceptible to cavities and jaw pains?

Moreover, crooked teeth make people extremely conscious of their smiles and reduce their self-confidence. This might make people socially awkward and not allow them to enjoy life to the fullest.

Therefore, if you are considering Invisalign, here are some ways and strategies you can use to save up some of your money.

Automated Medical Savings

Several insurance and finance companies offer this feature for dental treatments. According to it, a certain amount of money is automatically debited from your account on a monthly basis. This money can only be used for healthcare expenses. However, these funds don’t often rollover, so you must ensure to spend them before the end of the year.

Easy Payment Plans

Most dental care companies offer the option of easy payment plans. These plans prevent you from paying the entire cost of your treatment at once. When you receive the quotation for your treatment from your dentist, ask them to suggest the most viable payment plan for your case.

Credit Cards with No-interest

Credit cards can either be a financial bane or boon, depending upon how you use them. You can make good use of a credit card if you pay off your credit before the introductory rate ends. However, you must be aware of the deferred interest rates at all times.

Summing it Up

Invisalign treatment can bring the best out of your teeth. To make your investments in this process worth the money, you must follow all the instructions given by your doctor. For instance, you must wear your clear aligners for the prescribed amount of time for starters.

In addition, you must maintain proper oral hygiene and clean your teeth properly for the entire duration of the process. Lastly, you must put on your retainer as instructed by your dentist to get the best results.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Dental Krafts and start your Invisalign treatment today.



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