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Are you someone who is conscious about your teeth and can only smile with your mouth closed? Or maybe you cover your mouth and laugh? Well, if that’s the case and your crooked teeth are bringing down your spirits, then it is time you considered teeth braces.

So, for the best brace fitting in all of Gurgaon, Dental Krafts is at your service. Our team of experienced dentists can take care of all your woes pertaining to braces. Moreover, our experienced professionals are capable of finding solutions for all your tooth deformation, followed by routine check-ups and consultations.

But if you are still unsure, here is a comprehensive assortment of information regarding tooth braces and how Dental Krafts can be of assistance.

What is so special about our teeth braces?

At Dental Krafts, the primary objective of utilizing braces is to enhance the functionality of your teeth, along with a much better smile and overall look. But what if you are okay with your teeth just the way they are?

Well, in that case, we at Dental Krafts believe that you still need teeth straightening. Visual appeal is not the only reason to get braces!

Straight and aligned teeth are important as they are a lot easier to clean. Crooked teeth on the other hand pose problems when it comes to cleaning and can pave the way for Gingivitis, tooth decay, tooth loss, etc. Hence, it is always advisable to get braces if you think your teeth are too crooked.

But how do braces work?

Well, the functionality of dental braces and how they go about it is pretty straightforward. These braces constantly apply pressure on your teeth, realigning them and pushing them back into position.

Our orthodontists will glue the brackets to each tooth, which are then tasked with holding the archwire in place and maintaining the tension to push your teeth back into their desired position.

So, come down to Dental Krafts in Gurgaon for the best dental brace fitting in the country.

Why should you visit our clinics?

If you have been facing issues with the alignment of your teeth, then you might need to consider dental braces. Dental Krafts has comprehensive and personalized dental solutions and will give you back your carefree smile.

Additionally, here are some other signs our highly curated dental experts advise you to look out for:

  1. Overbite

    An overbite can be one of the most annoying things to encounter while eating food. Either the lower row of your teeth touches the upper roof of your mouth, or completely disappears behind the upper set.

    This happens because the upper set of your teeth sticks out a lot more than the lower half. And mind you, irritation while consuming food isn’t the only issue overbite poses.

    Our experts say that if left untreated, an overbite can also entail extensive gum damage, lip bleeding, etc. So, if you feel like your upper set of teeth is protruding, it would be advisable to get braces.

  2. Underbite

    An underbite is the exact opposite of overbite, with the lower set of your teeth protruding in front of your upper set. This will be the resting position of your teeth, and the underbite will be very evident once you smile.

    Although, in its initial stages, an underbite is not very noticeable. But as time progresses and the severity of the underbite increases, giving a bull-dog-like facial structure.

    But, visual appeal is not the only thing an underbite affects. It can lead to further eating issues, making the entire process of chewing generally tedious. Additionally, you may undergo sharp pains due to heavy misalignment of your teeth.

  3. Open bite

    Open bite, in some ways, is a mixed bag of both, overbite and underbite. To determine if you have an open bite, our dental experts suggest that you stand in front of the mirror and look for a gap in your teeth.

    If you notice a gap between your upper and lower teeth, it is likely that you have an open bite.

    Open bite is not something to ignore, since it brings about a lot of impediments in speaking and eating. It can also cause involuntary tongue thrusting, which can be quite embarrassing in public.

  4. Spacing

    Irregular spacing between your teeth can ruin your smile, especially if the degree of irregularity is quite high. These are generally caused by irregularities in teeth sizes, making your smile crooked.

    Some instances of irregular spacing are so severe that it might seem like the person is missing a tooth. Additionally, something that we have noticed extensively is that people with irregular spacing don’t pay much attention to the issue and simply brush it off.

    However, if left untreated, it will cause damage to your gums down the line. This is because people with irregularly spaced teeth tend to grind them quite often, leading to gaps between your teeth. As such, food can get stuck in these gaps, damaging your gums over an extended period of time.

  5. Crowding

    Crowding in your mouth is exactly as it sounds, your mouth can’t seem to fit all your teeth, causing them to overlap.

    On a surface level, crowding will just ruin your smile. But if not treated with dental braces, then there is a chance that cavities will start showing up in your teeth.

    Our curated experts suggest that dental plaque is usually found in areas hidden away from your toothbrush bristles, and crowding just offers them a playground. It isn’t quite noticeable at first, but these effects start showing up in the long run.

    So, if at any point you feel like your mouth is prone to crowding, come down to Dental Krafts in Gurgaon to get all your doubts cleared.

What do we offer?

Being one of the best dental services in Gurgaon, Dental Krafts offers a wide variety of braces. These include:

  1. Metal braces

    Metal braces are the most commonly found teeth braces and are made out of high-quality stainless steel. These braces have been around for quite some time now, nearly 100 years. Moreover, metal braces cost considerably less than all the other braces on this list.

    Since they have been around for so long, they have seen quite a lot of design and functionality changes over the years.

    They were initially very noticeable and bulky, but ours has now adopted a much more minimal design.

    Additionally, the archwires, are generally elastic ties tasked with putting constant pressure on the teeth. But they are relatively comfortable and come in a wide variety of colors.

    Although two very prominent pain points with our metal braces are that they are still quite noticeable, and can make it very difficult to floss or brush.

  2. Ceramic braces

    Dental Krafts’ ceramic braces are the perfect option for people who prefer a much more minimal and unnoticeable design. Instead of being tied down by metal brackets and wires, ceramic braces make use of tooth-colored ceramic.

    Our ceramic braces are ideal for people who want to opt for Invisalign, but still want to go the more affordable route. Ceramic braces price is relatively less as compared to Invisalign and provides almost the same aesthetic. So, these braces are generally preferred by adolescents and young adults who are relatively driven by the aesthetics of their braces.

    But maintaining ceramic braces is not everyone’s cup of tea as they stain easily. On top of that, they are also larger than metal braces, making them slightly more challenging to handle.

  1. Self-ligating braces

    Our self-ligating braces are quite similar to the metal and ceramic braces but differ in one key aspect.

    Instead of elastic rubber ties, they make use of clips or doors. Other than this aspect, everything else matches the metal and ceramic ones. Moreover, their dental braces price also lies somewhere between the metal and ceramic braces.

    Moreover, these braces are also available in both metal and ceramic frames. They are much more comfortable and have been specially made for people who are generally sensitive to discomfort.

    Lastly, our ceramic braces will also cut down your orthodontist appointment times, since they are pretty easy to adjust.

  1. Lingual braces

    The most specialized and personalized form of braces, Dental Krafts’ lingual braces, are some of the most uncommon braces found in the market. This is because it takes considerable skill to pull this off, and only a few orthodontists have the training for it. Moreover, the teeth braces cost for these might end up pushing north of all the other braces on this list, since they offer the maximum personalization.

    But fret not! If you happen to live in or anywhere near Gurgaon, we have got you covered. Our dental experts are highly proficient at installing lingual braces and can offer you the chance to obtain personalized orthodontic treatment according to your dental needs.

    But, what is so special about our lingual braces?

    Well, unlike other braces, these are placed behind the teeth. Hence, they are entirely invisible and offer a wide range of customization.

Why choose our braces?

Dental Krafts can offer one of the most personalized orthodontic treatments for putting your teeth back in position.

Our brace brackets are firstly placed on each tooth individually. Next, our orthodontists then puta an archwire in place, which is in turn held by these brackets in order to maintain constant pressure.

To elaborate, the archwire then puts immense pressure on the periodontal ligaments (soft tissues surrounding your teeth and facial bones), which then bend to its will, changing the position of the teeth as well.

Iterations of the same process are then done on your upper and lower jaw, respectively, to treat all the above-mentioned conditions individually.

Our braces installation process

If you plan on getting dental braces, or just want to be sure, you can visit our Dental Krafts clinics in Gurgaon for the best and most efficient brace installation process.

But there are some steps you need to follow to get it just right. They are as follows:

  1. Consultation appointment

The initial consultation appointment is the preliminary part of the entire brace installation process. Here, our orthodontist will perform an oral check-up and make a mold of your mouth.

Based on this, he/she will suggest the type of teeth braces you might want to get.

  1. Brace attachment

Once the brace selection is made, we will begin with orthodontic treatment. Brackets will be attached to your teeth to hold the archwire, and the brace will now be put in place.

If certain people have severe deformation, we attach rubber bands to their braces. This provides the extra pressure the jaw needs to settle back into the right position.

  1. Make adjustments

Brace adjustments cannot be skipped and are incredibly vital to put your teeth back in the correct order. This is when the braces are generally tightened and adjusted to keep the pressure on.

So, do make it to our Gurgaon clinic for all your adjustment appointments in order to foster quicker teeth rearrangement.

  1. Retainers

This is the final step in the teeth rearrangement process. Once the braces are removed, we ask our patients to wear retainers for a while. This is done only to ensure that your teeth do not budge from their corrected positions.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us!

If you feel like your teeth are out of place and misaligned, then you can always stop by our Gurgaon clinic for a check-up. Type in “braces near me” on your search engine, and we will be at your service. Moreover, with expert orthodontists on board, we can provide personalized teeth alignment services for maximum efficiency!


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