Various situations when you need an emergency dentist

Situations When You Need an Emergency Dentist

Are you suffering from a dental complication? This might either be gum or tooth pain that could be affecting your well-being. To address these issues, you can pay a visit to your dentist. You may visit the clinic after handling your busy week or work responsibilities.

But what about a knocked-out tooth or severe bleeding in your gums? In these cases, you’ll need immediate medical assistance. It’s because delaying your visit to the dentist will worsen the situation and cause you more discomfort.

If you’re searching “Emergency dentist near me” online, you need to know more about the cases where you must seek quick medical consultation. The post will cover all the situations that’ll need emergency dental care.


Why is an Emergency Dentist Important?

You need to understand the importance of emergency dental care to address your issues.

Suppose you are suffering from mild tooth pain. It could be happening every time you eat something. The pain may go away after you’re done eating or might persist after eating too.

In such cases, you must schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

On the other hand, you may have severe tooth pain that doesn’t go away even after a few hours of eating. Moreover, you might feel that the pain is increasing slowly. If it gets out of hand and becomes unbearable, then contact an emergency dentist immediately.

A regular dentist might not provide you with quick services in case of a dental emergency. Scheduling appointments might also be tricky with these dentists as they are always booked.

Emergency dentists on the other hand are skilled in treating these types of severe dental cases with utmost care. Most of the clinics offering dental emergency services have a dedicated team to handle the situations. You won’t have to wait to book an appointment, and receive swift dental treatment.


5 Dental Emergencies That Need Immediate Treatment

Emergency dental care might be a little more expensive than your regular dental check-ups. However, when it comes to your oral health, delaying the treatment might make you to pay more later on.

That’s why you need to be aware of the dental emergencies that need immediate attention.

1. Severe Tooth Pain

The most common dental emergency is an excruciating toothache. These might arise anytime – when you’re eating or drinking cold beverages.

If you experience extreme pain while consuming cold drinks or ice cream, it is called teeth sensitivity. However, these pains might also occur when something is stuck between your teeth. In addition, toothaches happen due to a decay in the tooth or a pulp infection.

Watch out for these symptoms –

  • Throbbing pain in your teeth, neck, and jaw

  • Fever

  • Swelling in your cheek

You may take over-the-counter medication from your local drug store to stop the pain. Moreover, you can plan to visit a dentist soon.

But if the pain is unbearable and isn’t allowing you to sleep or work properly, you’ll need urgent dental care. You might need an emergency tooth extraction in this case.

2. Knocked Out Teeth

Have you suffered from an accident that has loosened a tooth or some of your teeth? Then you need to ensure that the tooth doesn’t fall out and stays in the socket.

You should try and bite down on the teeth to keep them in place. Moreover, you have to try and prevent creating any pressure on the loose teeth. If possible, you must consume only semi-solid foods and liquids for a while.

If you have severe pain in the area of the loosened teeth and feel that you can’t hold them in place, you should get emergency dental treatment.

In case the tooth falls out, you can store it in a glass of water or milk. But it’s absolutely necessary to visit an emergency dentist and re-position the tooth properly. It is important to get it checked immediately as the injured tooth can lead to gum problems later.

3. Gum Problems

The most common gum problem that requires emergency dental services is when your gum starts to bleed. It can happen due to a dental injury or an infection.

An important cause of bleeding gums is a disease called gingivitis. It occurs when too much plaque builds up along your gum line. Further, if the plaque is not removed, it will harden and lead to a severe condition called periodontitis.

Once these diseases spread to other areas of your gum or teeth, tackling it will be difficult for your dentist. That’s why it’s important to get urgent dental care to treat these conditions in their earlier stages.

4. Soft Tissue Scarring

You may have suffered from an injury in and around your mouth. These can include your cheeks, gums, lips, or tongue. An accident or a sudden fall might have led to this.

Bleeding, swelling, and severe pain are common soft tissue damage symptoms. Sometimes, these symptoms may get aggravated, leading to extreme discomfort. Moreover, the injuries can cause tears, lacerations, and even infections if not treated on time.

You need to search “walk in dentist near me” for a clinic nearby to address the injuries immediately. The dentist will conduct the appropriate treatment procedures to reduce the pain or bleeding. In addition, the doctor might also prescribe medication and tips for better oral care.

5. Lost Filling or Crown

If you have undergone dental surgery before, you might have dental veneers, crowns, or fillings positioned on your teeth. However, losing these dental prosthetics can cause a lot of complications.

You may lose these due to a sudden accident or a mouth injury. If that happens, you might be at the risk of damaging your teeth, leading to pain and even bleeding. So, whenever you lose your crown or filling, consult an emergency dentist.

The specialist will place a new crown or veneer on the teeth, restoring their functions. The doctor will also take care of any injury or damage to your teeth.

Moreover, if you have accidentally damaged the dental prosthetics, an emergency dentist will fix it quickly. It will prevent any complications and help you regain your beautiful smile!


A Guide to Selecting The Best Dentist for a Dental Emergency

You must be prepared for dental emergencies by figuring out the dentist and clinic beforehand. It will save you a lot of time during an emergency and receive the necessary treatment without any hassles. Further, it’ll prevent the situation from getting worse.

Look For a Clinic Near You

You might not have much time at hand when dental emergencies occur. That’s why it’s crucial to select a dentist who has a clinic close to your house. Make sure you are able to reach the facility within 20 to 30 minutes.

Consider the Waiting Period

During an emergency, you’ll probably aim to get treatment as soon as possible. However, if you have to wait too long to meet the dentist, it can worsen your condition.

So, look for a clinic equipped to treat dental emergencies quickly with shorter waiting times. Search for “walk in dentist near me” to locate these clinics. Further, contact them to understand their specific hours for urgent dental care.

Check Online Reviews

If a dentist and his clinic offer excellent services, you’ll find plenty of positive reviews online. So, you must start researching online for reviews about an emergency dentist you plan to visit.

While reading the reviews, check whether they treat these conditions –

  • Knocked out or chipped teeth

  • Lost fillings, crowns, and veneers

  • Gum bleeding

  • Tooth abscesses

You can also check out their pricing while going through the reviews. Choose a dentist with the best reviews and the most affordable rates.


The Bottom Line

Be it an emergency tooth extraction or restoring a crown, emergency dental care can save you from many hassles. So, while selecting an emergency dentist, enquire about the type of cases and ages they treat.

It is also highly essential not to try treating emergency dental cases yourself. Stop using home remedies or unprescribed drugs and visit your nearest clinic for emergency dental services