Dental Veneers In Gurgaon

Are you afraid to flaunt your smile only because of a crooked tooth? If yes, we have the best solution to enhance the beauty of your teeth. The dental veneer service at our Gurgaon Dental Clinic can improve your teeth' aesthetics.Teeth veneers are an integral part of cosmetic dentistry that can bring back your smile hassle-free. At Dental Krafts, we specialize in the safe fitting of dental veneers.

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What are dental veneers?

Your teeth are crucial personal assets that define your confidence and look. Hence, you must always pay attention to the health of the teeth under any circumstance. Veneers help with this. They are helpful dentistry innovations that hide or rectify your tooth damage. These items, commonly known as porcelain veneers, hide imperfections on the front surface of your teeth. This solution can be an apt alternative to laminate teeth for cosmetic dentistry.

To elaborate, here are significant issues with the tooth that you might face:

  • Decay
  • Crooked appearance
  • Gaps between adjacent teeth
  • Stains or discolouration
  • Chipped teeth

But veneers can help correct such dental problems. Generally, patients explore the front teeth veneer treatment for the best results.

Dental Veneers In Gurgaon
Dental Veneers Types

Types of Dental Veneers

Don't see any improvement frombraces, retainers, lumineers teeth or whitening products? Dental veneers will be a permanent solution. Simply put, veneers are thin and customized shells that your dentist places in front of the teeth. So, you don't need to worry about dental issues with such remarkable tooth covering. So, visit our Gurgaon Dental Clinic for hassle-free fitment of the standard dental veneers, which can be of the following types:

  • Porcelain veneers: These thin, complex, and wear-resistant caps, known as veneers, are placed on the top and sides of the designated teeth. Before attaching these dental veneers, your dentist removes the enamel from the teeth. Porcelain veneers, in particular, offer a cosmetically appealing option for achieving a whiter appearance. It's worth noting that porcelain veneers are cheaper than other types.
  • Composite veneers: The decision between you and your dentist is to choose the veneers suitable for you. Depending on your needs, your dentist will suggest the best type. These tooth coverings are generally made from resin but are similar to porcelain veneers. Composite resin veneers (also known as Ceramic veneers) are, however, less expensive and easier to replace and can be used for an average period of five years. Still, as these teeth veneers costless, you can replace them with little investment.

Process of the veneer fitting

We follow a safe and systematic procedure for placing dental veneers. Our experts cater to the methodology medically reviewed by national and international standards. Choosing a reliable dentist becomes crucial as a dental veneer becomes a permanent attachment. At Dental Krafts, we understand the significance of teeth covering and follow a safe process.

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The diagnosis

At our Gurgaon Dental Clinic, we thoroughly examine your teeth to determine the need for permanent veneers. Following this diagnosis, we assess the number of teeth requiring dental veneers and discuss the process's pros and cons with complete transparency.

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The preparation phase

After your approval and selection of the dental veneer crown, your dentist begins reshaping the tooth's surface to make it equal the veneer thickness for front bonding. Local anesthesia is used for this reshaping, ensuring a safe procedure.

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The veneer preparation

The dentist creates a model using porcelain or composite resin as the base material. Temporary veneers may be suggested based on the treatment complexity. The model is crafted in-house or obtained from a third-party vendor, ensuring the veneers' dimensions, shape, and material align with your requirements.

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The bonding phase

Your dentist places the veneer on your teeth, assessing the fitment and colour. Adjustments to the veneer colour are made according to your teeth for optimal aesthetics. The veneer placement involves three main steps: cleaning, polishing, and etching. Afterwards, using special cement, the veneers are bonded to the tooth surface. Your dentist ensures a perfect fit and colour, making adjustments by removing any excess cement if needed.

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What to expect from dental veneers?

Before delving into the cost of dental veneers, it's essential to grasp the smile-enhancing benefits of these implants. Post-veneer teeth procedures, patients often experience:

  • Natural tooth appearance
  • Strain-resistant porcelain veneers
  • Enhanced strength compared to dental crowns

Veneers are generally reliable, allowing normal eating and drinking habits. However, consulting with your dentist can provide clarity on specific dietary considerations. The selection between porcelain veneers and composites should be a collaborative decision between you and your dentist based on your dental needs.

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Our dentists will provide the best aftercare tips.

A follow-up visit to the dental clinic is usually required after the process. Our professionals check the placement, fit, and comfort during this appointment, offering aftercare tips based on your eating preferences.

These include:

  • Avoid biting nails or complex objects
  • Do not grind your teeth
  • Avoid chewing challenging food items
  • Do not open products with a veneer teeth

Follow these common aftercare tips to avoid complications after the veneer fitting process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dental veneers effectively correct cosmetic issues like stained, discoloured, broken, or chipped teeth, providing a solution for achieving an even smile. They serve as excellent alternatives to braces, offering noticeable improvements in a shorter timeframe. Porcelain veneers may even address bruxism concerns for some patients.

Veneers and customized dental attachments vary in cost from person to person, influenced by factors such as the extent of teeth damage and the chosen material. Materials like porcelain are more expensive than composite resin, and specific products like Zirconia veneers come at a higher price. The exact cost can only be determined by considering these factors. For precise pricing, visit our dental clinics in Gurgaon.

Both dental veneers and crowns aim to enhance the cosmetic appearance of teeth with straightforward fitment processes. The critical difference lies in the coverage area: veneers mainly cover the front surface and sometimes the sides of teeth, while crowns cover the entire tooth. Simply put, the extent of teeth coverage is the distinguishing factor between veneers and crowns.

At our Gurgaon dental clinic, the answer to whether veneers are painful is generally no. You may experience slight discomfort during the treatment, but it typically resolves independently after a few days. Our veneer dentistry experts provide aftercare tips to minimize potential discomfort, which is not commonly associated with dental veneers.

Veneers offer a long-lasting solution for various dental issues and serve as excellent alternatives to braces. The durability depends on the material; composite veneers last around five years, while porcelain veneers can endure for approximately 20 years. Despite their longevity, it's essential to note that dental veneers are not indestructible and can be affected by excessive pressure. Following maintenance tips provided by your dentist is crucial for their upkeep.

Dental veneers are irreversible; the original tooth condition cannot be restored once placed. Porcelain veneers involve removing a tooth enamel layer that doesn't regenerate. After thorough consideration and diagnosis, deciding on veneer fitting is crucial, as tooth enamel cannot be restored once removed. While no dentist can restore removed enamel, old veneers can be replaced in a few visits to our dental clinics.

Dental veneers are thin shells that cover the front of teeth, enhancing their appearance. They fix issues like discoloration, chips, gaps, and minor misalignments for a brighter, more even smile.

We offer porcelain and composite veneers. Porcelain veneers are durable and stain-resistant, providing a natural look. Composite veneers are more affordable and can be applied in one visit.

The process includes an initial consultation, tooth preparation by removing a small amount of enamel, taking impressions, and custom-making the veneers. Finally, the veneers are bonded to your teeth for a transformed smile.

With proper care, porcelain veneers last 10-15 years, and composite veneers last 5-7 years. Maintain good oral hygiene, avoid biting complex objects, and schedule regular check-ups.

Veneers are an excellent option for many but may only suit some. During your consultation, we will assess your dental health and discuss whether veneers are the best choice.

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